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The power of people - Career at MABO

We care for the development of our employees' competencies so that they can effectively perform their tasks in safe working conditions and with the use of modern tools. We focus on developing the production space so that its ergonomics and equipment support daily tasks. In the production area, we offer employment for welders and fitters of steel structures, CNC operators, painters of steel structures and milling machine operators in production departments manufacturing: elements for wind turbines, lighting and traction poles, booms, gantries, traffic lights and large steel structures, and in the Tool Shop responsible for constructing tools for manufacturing repeatable elements, in the area of machining (turning, milling) and in the area of Galvanizing and Painting Shop. Our team also includes specialists from purchasing (logistics), railway, commercial, technological, administrative and accounting departments. At MABO, we focus on good atmosphere, thanks to which we are able to build a strong and committed team, and on development, which allows our employees to improve their competencies and supplement their knowledge with technological novelties.

Employee-friendly atmosphere

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Attractive salary and stable employment conditions

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Comfort and safety at work (protective clothing, protective measures, modern offices)

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Partial funding of FitSport / FitProfit cards

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Partial funding of your or your children's holidays

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Team-building meetings for the whole team

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Christmas gift packages and a Santa Claus party for children

I've worked at MABO 13 years right out of college!

Right after college, I sent in my application for an administrative position with MABO. It came as a big surprise to me when in feedback I was invited to an interview for the technology department. This decision was suggested by the director at that time! I accepted the offer, but I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to handle such a specialized department. It quickly turned out that it is a place full of wonderful people, forming a harmonious and committed team. I was the first and only girl in this department. Working at MABO means, above all, satisfaction from the tasks performed. In the technology department, you never know what design you'll be dealing with, what you'll be counting, preparing for production. No two days are alike there. Every day we had new challenges, it was very motivating. Steel structures are extremely diverse and therefore each project was different, surprising and allowed us to gain further experience. It's also unique for me that we can do projects all over the world. In 2017, I was promoted to the sales department where I utilize my knowledge as a process engineer while working with clients and complement it with my sales personality. My expertise is comprehensive customer service, and I'm glad that management recognized that and gave me an opportunity to prove myself in a new area. I appreciate the benefits that employees receive during the holiday season, especially vouchers. That's a big boost to the Christmas budget. I have worked at MABO for many years and the employee benefits have expanded greatly over the years. It speaks well when management shares its business success with employees. Work at MABO is really good.
Emilia, Sales Department - I joined the team right after college and I've stayed another 13 years!

I've worked at MABO 7 years because there is no monotony here!

I started working for MABO in 2013 as a CC Operator. I previously worked in Germany in a similar area, but it was here at MABO that I gained a great deal of experience. Mainly due to working on various modern machines. There is no monotony here, there is always something going on and I like it very much. Although the work is demanding, thanks to good organization, we do not work under stress. We all take our responsibilities here seriously. I became a foreman in 2018. Probably because I like working with people, supporting them when things don't work out and understanding their difficulties. I think that everything can be done, you just need to think carefully - how to handle a task. What I like at MABO best is its approach to the employee training. They really care about keeping us up to date. The company is constantly growing. New shops are being built and new machines are appearing, and we are constantly being trained how to operate them. I also appreciate the holiday bonus, it makes for a better holiday experience. At the end of the year we get together for a company Christmas Eve event. This Christmas Eve event is organized for every MABO employee and always pleasantly surprises us.
Tomek, CNC Operator, Foreman

We care about our employees' development opportunities

We care about the development of our employees, so we offer training courses that enable the acquisition of knowledge about new technologies or more efficient organization of work. Our employees benefit from the opportunity to learn English and receive training in such areas as time management, improving sales techniques and sales negotiations, team management, Lean Manufacturing and the first aid training.
For those interested in developing in a specific production area, we offer certification courses or the opportunity to gain new qualifications. Our employees gain qualifications of: forklift operator, overhead crane operator, crane operator, CNC lathe operator, CNC milling machine operator, electrical certificates, TIG and MIG welding, and many others.
Internship and apprenticeship
If you are planning a career in metalworking, we invite you to join our team. We cooperate with the Western Pomeranian University of Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics. We invite students of Mechatronics, Welding, Production Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We enable you to gain experience and practical knowledge in the area you are studying and participate in many interesting projects. Many students stay with us for ever.
The first days at MABO
The first days at a new job don't have to be stressful. We strive to ensure that new employees are introduced to their responsibilities in a friendly and supportive environment. The first days start with OHS and fire safety training and ERP system, which is our production management system. During your first days you will be accompanied by a mentor who will not only help you with your new tasks, but also show you where to find good coffee and printer paper :)


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