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Airless painting


What does the process look like?

The process involves using a modern technique of coating the surface with paint sprayed under a high pressure. This task is performed using a specialized unit. During the process, the paint is ejected through a nozzle in the form of microscopic droplets that reach the smallest crevice in the component.  Due to the specificity of the spraying technique, the protection made with this method is particularly effective in case of elements with complex or irregular shapes. A coloured coating also has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the structure or a component.

Key information

Advantages of spray painting

- 01

The process is less expensive than other available methods

- 02

Perfectly smooth texture and high quality finish

- 03

Can be used on complex shapes

About the product

Perfectly smooth surface and high painting efficiency

This method of painting steel surfaces gives a perfectly smooth texture and guarantees a high quality finish. The biggest advantage of the airless painting is its high efficiency, it also allows to save painting material, thanks to it we get proper coating from painting materials, and there is much less dust and solvents vapours concentration than in the case of pneumatic painting. In contrast to other methods of anticorrosion protection, the cost of painting with this method is relatively lower, as airless painting does not require baking in special ovens or installation of a costly galvanizing line.


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