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Powder coating

Powder coating

Durable and aesthetic protection of steel components against corrosion

At MABO we focus on comprehensive support for our customers, so depending on the customer’s needs and the specificity of the element, we offer modern methods to protect steel elements against corrosion and to prepare their surface. Powder coating and spray painting, also known as hydrodynamic (wet) painting, is a guarantee of not only securing the material against corrosion for many years, but also the possibility of obtaining an interesting visual effect.

Key information

Advantages of powder coating

- 01

Environmentally friendly method - does not emit any harmful substances into the environment

- 02

Only one paint application

- 03

Special and decorative effects possible (old silver, gold or copper)

About the product

Powder coating – what does the process look like?

The process consists in applying paint coats that polymerize at a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius and is performed in our powder coating shop. Proper preparation of the surface for powder coating determines the quality of the anticorrosion coating and its visual layer. Steel elements are prepared for powder coating by mechanical treatment, i.e. sandblasting or shot blasting, and by chemical treatment consisting of degreasing, etching and phosphatizing, which ensures professional preparation of element surfaces for powder coating. Delivering the components to us, you are guaranteed to get a one-stop-shop service.

What paints do we use for powder coating?

Powder coating is carried out with polyester paints from reputable companies that hold international approvals, in the full range of RAL colours, and the coating itself may occur in various degrees of gloss (matt, semi-matt, gloss).

Powder coating and the coats obtained with this method guarantee high aesthetics, mechanical strength, and resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions. The effectiveness of this method has been confirmed by tests in accordance with DIN 50021.

Polymerization oven dimensions:

• Length: 9000 mm

• Width: 2100 mm

• Height: 2300 mm

• Max. weight: 300 kg

Surface preparation process:

Galvanized steel

Mechanical removal of excess zinc and blasting with low granularity abrasive. Additionally, degreasing is performed.

Carbon steel

Blast cleaning to Sa 2.5, Sa 2, Sa 3.

Aluminium or stainless steel

Surface tarnishing with the use of mechanical treatment. Additionally, degreasing is performed.

We invite you to do business with us and to get acquainted with the general conditions of powder painting in MABO Sp. z o.o: General Conditions of Powder Painting Services at MABO Sp. z o.o.

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