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Modern machine park

Currently, MABO has production shops with a total area of over 50 500 m2 and 6 production departments, which allows for comprehensive implementation of the order, according to the customer requirements. The production and technical facilities consist of an extensive machine park and a qualified team of employees, and modern production and technological processes are automated and adapted to the market demand.  In our work we use, among other things:

  • professional CNC machines (machine tools, cut-off machines, bending machines),
  • professional welding stations,
  • numerically controlled hydraulic press brake,
  • modern laser cutting machine (laser 2D, 3D)
  • fully automated powder coating line
  • hot dip galvanizing line
  • professional machine tools


Production range

2D laser cutting

Laser technology is fast and precise. It allows optimization of the use of raw materials and gives the possibility to obtain finished elements that do not require additional finishing and are free of deformation of materials in the cutting process.

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3D laser cutting

We perform professional laser cutting of pipes, closed profiles, channel sections and angle sections. Our machine cuts stainless steel and carbon steel.

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Large-size CNC machining

Our offer also includes machining of large-size elements, both in single and serial production, from entrusted or our own material.

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Turning is one of the most common methods of machining. The process consists in the fact that the workpiece performs a rotary motion, while the cutting  tool moves parallel to the axis of rotation of the workpiece or perpendicular to it, or performs both these movements together.


Welding is an art that requires great concentration and precision. Our close-knit team of engineers and experienced welders provide comprehensive customer service and execution of even very complex projects.

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Bending on press brakes

CNC bending is the most commonly used metal plastic forming technology. This is usually done with press brakes.

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Painting and galvanizing

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CNC processing - laser cutting

Tomasz Juszczyk

Production Manager

+48 501 898 113

Toolroom - machining

Łukasz Jurczyński

Production Manager

+48 505 266 170