Implementation map

3D laser cutting

We perform professional laser cutting of pipes, closed profiles, channel sections and angle sections.  Our machine cuts stainless steel and carbon steel.  For this purpose we use a MAZAK 3D laser which cutting head works in five axes, which allows to cut even very complicated shapes and gives us possibility to process pipes and profiles with high accuracy and proper precision.

This ensures smooth edges and a clean surface without scratches or chipping.  The machine is also equipped with a touch probe to measure the workpiece, giving very precise shapes and dimensions.  The system of material loading and unloading of workpieces is done automatically which optimizes working time, and the cooperation of a laser and specialized computer software allows reducing waste to a minimum.  This technology works well not only for one-off orders, but also for medium and large series projects.

Laser – Mazak 3D Fabri GEAR 150


  • Material length – 8000 mm
  • Max. material weight – 42 kg/m
  • Material dimensions: pipe from dia 20 to dia 150 , profile 150×150