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Quality policy

Quality Policy of MABO Sp. z o.o.

The main objective of the Quality Policy is to ensure that the products we manufacture and the services we provide meet the needs and requirements of our Customers, and our actions serve to achieve this objective.

The primary objective of our business is to provide services in the field of metalworking and production of high-quality steel structures at an acceptable price.

We accomplish these goals by:

  • employing staff with the necessary theoretical knowledge, professional qualifications and high practical skills, striving for their continuous improvement;
  • timely and professional production of products according to the orders of our customers;
  • timely and professional provision of services based on the use of modern technological solutions;
  • creating such conditions for the Customer to propose the best offer within its specialization that meets the Customer’s current and future requirements;
  • determining the responsibility and authorization for each management level and employees for the quality of manufactured products and provided services;
  • constant tracking and conformity with regulations, standards and other laws as well as technical progress in our activity;
  • using only reliable suppliers who provide the materials and services of the required quality.

The unchanging elements of our activity, determining the directions of development are:

  • The highest quality of offered products and services.
  • Many years of experience gained in the metalworking industry.
  • Understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of current and future Customers.

We undertake to:

  • establish and update specific quality objectives at all levels of management and for all functions;
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system in our company;
  • make employees aware of the importance of meeting customer and regulatory requirements and create conditions for the involvement of all staff in achieving goals;

By implementing and maintaining a quality system according to the current version of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard, we confirm the credibility of the actions we take and the achievement of the intended results as a result.

Mission MABO Sp. z o.o. Mission

Our mission is to grow in the metal fabrication industry and provide robust, innovative products and services. We achieve this through a flexible approach to customers’ needs and continuous improvement of staff and processes in a friendly and safe working environment.

We want to be a leading company with a recognized brand in the segment of poles and gantries on the Polish market, a major manufacturer of railway equipment and complex steel structures in the country and abroad. A reliable partner in terms of services provided. An employee- and customer-focused company, taking pride in its experience, valuing who we are and what we create.

President of the Management Board

Andrzej Kowalczyk